At Cannon Hill Smiles we have daily appointment slots available for patients experiencing toothache. We consider toothaches to be a matter of priority, and you should contact Cannon Hill Smiles as soon as possible to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly dentists.

Prior to your appointment, you should rinse your mouth with warm salty water and floss between your teeth to remove any trapped food. This will keep the cavity as clean as possible from debris and bacteria. If pain relief is required, please follow the directions given on the medication.

Over the counter pain relief will often reduce any discomfort, however this will be short term, as it won’t treat the cause of the pain.

If it is outside our opening hours, still call Cannon Hill Smiles and leave a message on our after hours messaging service. Please leave us with your full name (first and last), best contact phone number and a brief description of the reason for your call. Our friendly staff will call you back at the start of the following day, and find you an appointment as a matter of priority. Often, this will be on the same day.